Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank you for our Vet

Hi Y'all!  Our little kitty Gus Gus, who is a 16 year old Red & White Persian, has been diagnosed with Renal (Kidney) Failure.  He has had to go on daily IV fluids, appetite stimulants, nausea medicine, and so on.  His sister Ellie died of the same thing back in November, so we were well prepared to handle his needs.  However, were it not for our amazing vet at Centreville Square Animal Hospital our precious little Gus wouldn't be here today. Dr. Clear has taken amazing care of Gus and it is because of her that he is with us today.  So I made her this card to show our appreciation...I need to get her a gift, but for now this card is from the heart.

And the inside

And now for a picture of the cutest kitty on the planet, our little Gus!

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